Promises Made.

Promises Kept.

As Mayor, Dean has sought out the voice of the people, finding vision in what’s best for our neighbors and neighborhoods.



Putting public health first amid the COVID-19 pandemic by leading the response in South Florida with responsible and reasonable measures while also working hard to manage the virus’ economic consequences.



Fast-tracking work to upgrade the city’s aging infrastructure for its sewer, stormwater and drinking water, with our main sewer system replacement being ahead of schedule and under budget after years of neglect.


Secured an upgrade to the city’s bond rating to AAA by ending the routine raids on infrastructure funds for other uses, stopping a property tax hike and making smart budget changes.



​Addressing the environment and clean waterways by listening to community leaders and industry experts on reliable and innovative techniques to address pollution. 



​Tackling climate change and sea-level rise with an aggressive program to protect low-lying neighborhoods prone to flooding from high tides and heavy rains and sustainable resiliency improvement citywide.



Won public support for a major initiative to improve and expand city parks citywide and new public safety facilities for all of us.

Fought for a public/private partnership with David Beckham’s InterMiami to recreate the Lockhart Stadium property with $160 million in private investment for professional soccer and youth & family recreation.

Rebuilding the International Swimming Hall of Fame aquatic center, including the construction of a 27-meter-high dive tower to attract international partnerships & extreme sports enthusiasts.



Renovating War Memorial Auditorium in a $50 million public/private partnership funded by the Florida Panthers to accommodate ice rinks that can be used both by the public and the hockey team.


Undertook a compassionate and targeted effort to reduce homelessness. Successfully closed the downtown encampment by finding homes for individuals and directing them to services. Launched a community court to redirect homeless individuals cited with minor offenses to needed social services.


Taking a more comprehensive, long term approach to redevelopment that maintains neighborhood integrity with a focus on innovative planning, exciting design - and proactive infrastructure improvement paid by developers.