Civic, business and neighborhood leaders from across Fort Lauderdale are lining up to support re-electing Dean Trantalis as mayor — from Coral Ridge to Rio Vista and from the Central Beach to Rock Island. Here are some of those who are supporting him and his efforts to continue the progress underway in our community.

Anthony Abbate
Michael Albetta
Vincent Ang
Craig Batzel
Jeremy Bedzow
Dr. George Bishopric
C. Jackson Boren
Lacey Brisson
Bill Brown
Sonya Burrows
Gale Butler
Luis Castillo
Jim Concannon
Brucie Cummings
Christina Currie
Ray Dettman
Sheryl Dickey
Brian Donaldson
James Donnelly
Ted Drum
Greg Durden
Dick Eaton
Paul Eichner
Debby Eisinger
Dick and Genia Ellis
Jim Ellis
Bill Feinberg
Mary Fertig
Barry Flanigan
Theo Folz
Austin Forman
Ann Marie Fox-Mancuso
Steve Ganon
Dr. Peter Genovese and Rick Sargeant
Tom Godart
Andrew Gordon
Donna Guthrie
Amy Jones Hamilton

Jim Hammond
JJ Hankerson
The Rev. Luke Harrigan
Lucy Morales Harty
Darren Heitner
James and Anne Hilmer
Jan Idleman
Pio Ieraci
Andreas Ioannou
Percy Johnson
Milton Jones
Sean Jones
Dody Katz

Dr. Elizabeth King
Brian Kopelwitz
Dr. David Kyner
Charlie Ladd
Abby Laughlin
Ina Lee
Jason Leidy
Colleen Lockwood
Jack Loos
John Loos III
Jeff Lowe
Tomislav Lukic
Barbara Magill
Marilyn Mammano
Arthur Marcus
Nuccia McCormick
Doug McCraw
Don and JoAnne Medalie
Andy Mitchell
Chad Moss
Dev Motwani
Ramola Motwani
Fred Nesbitt
Terry Nolan

Burnadette Norris-Weeks

Jim Novick
Dr. Rosalind Osgood
Norm Ostrau
Jeff Ostrow
Dave Parker
Ray Parker
Peter Partington
Steffi Paskow
Mary Peloquin
Susan Penrod
Eyal Peretz
Tim Petrillo
Miguel Pilgram
Coleman Prewitt
Renee Quinn
Patricia Rathburn
Joanne Robinson
Deb Rosenbaum
Annette Ross
Mel Rubenstein
Tim Schiavone
Michael Schneider
Jacquelyn Scott
Jay Shechtman
Joel Slotnick
Shirley Smith

Joey Stotsky
Dr. Warren Sturman
Howard Steinholz
The Rev. Stephan Tchividjian
Dr. Larry Thompson
Clare Vickery
Russell Weaver
James and Juliet Williams
Paula Yukna
Allen Zeman

“He is a great leader and has demonstrated that he is the mayor of all.”

- Stephan Tchividjian

“He’s the best.” - Dave Parker

"Dean’s always been very responsive to our neighborhood.”

-Amy Jones Hamilton

“We are proud of the job he has done.” - Larry Thompson

"He accomplished so much for our city! We need him to continue his loyal duties
much longer to make our city better and safe!” - Nuccia McCormick

“He is doing amazing work as a mayor.” - Eyal Peretz

“The unique local, national and global challenges that marked Mayor Trantalis’
first term in office were immense in nature, adding to the complexity of an already
challenging mandate.  We are proud of our Mayor and his team. We are inspired bytheir desire to continue working on our behalf.” - Jeremy Bedzow